Nycil Cool Herbal Powder

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No one is spared in summer, and the heat gets to everyone. Rashes and prickly heats are a few common skin issues that people face in summer. It is possible to stay cool in scorching heat by applying 150 gm Nycil cool herbal powder. This powder is a must-have product in your bathroom or dressing room, that can prevent excess sweating, which is the primary cause of several skin problems and body odor. Apply this powder whether you go out of home or stay in. It will keep you  stay cool and calm while traveling or doing house chores. The two main ingredients of this 150 gm Nycil cool herbal powder are pudina and neem, which can prevent, control and treat skin problems.

Nycil Cool Herbal Powder has aloe veera, neem, pudina extracts, which provide protection from skin problems during summers and it also keeps skin healthy & refreshed. This prickly heat powder gives relief from skin irritation, minor infection, rashes, eczema, soothes itching, fights body odor and many others. It is provided in sealed pack bottle containers.

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