Dabur Red Toothpaste

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As people are advancing with time, Dabur is continuously introducing new, more effective and more convenient to use products. As the market today is flooded with toothpastes, only a few brands are prospering. Dabur is a home brand that has used the formula of Dabur Lal dant manjan to come up with a 200 gm Dabur red tooth paste. This toothpaste is almost the same product, but gets the new form. This is an Ayurvedic Toothpaste made of ingredients, like ginger, tomar beej, pudina satva and clove oil. All these ingredients are effective in fighting germs and preventing bad breath and dental diseases. 200 gm Dabur red tooth paste is the best of both worlds- age-old Indian medicine & contemporary pharmaceutical technology.

Dabur Red Toothpaste is an ayurvedic medicinal gum & teeth paste which is made from 100% organic ingredients. Due to excellent natural herbs, it provides strong and germ free teeth as well as gives fresh breathe for full day. This is scientifically tested & proven and therefore suitable for all age group of people viz. senior citizens, adults, teenagers and children.

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