Dermi Cool Powder (150 gm)

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The demand for 150 gm Dermi Cool powder increases in the months of May to November, in order to keep people cool in hot and humid climate for long hours. The active ingredients used in this powder include Yavanala, Tankan Amla, Jasat Bhasma and Vetasa. Theer are many skin related issues that people suffer from during the summer, sprig and monsoon seasons. This powder serves as a remedy to certain issues. It can control as well as improve certain conditions, like fungus infections, night sweating, ringworm, gonorrhea, psoriasis, eczema and urticaria. There are no side effects of using 150 gm Dermi Cool powder.

Get instant cooling, relaxation and relief from itchy heat with this pack of Dermi Cool Powder (150 gm). It provides immediate relief from burning sensations along with heat rashes owing to its ayurvedic properties. It is ideal to control bacterial growth and infection that can be caused due to the extreme hot environment and sweating. In addition to this, it also provides unmatched odor.

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