Dabur Almond Oil

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100 ml Dabur almond hair oil is an effective remedy to all your hair concerns. It can treat and control damage to hair from varied reasons, like pollution, dust, sunlight and heat styling. As the very name suggests, this hair oil comprises almond protein, together with vitamin E. Frequent oiling hair and scalp with almond oil can nourish them and make hair strong and scalp healthy. Hair oiling can also put a stop to hair fall and split-ends. Hair will grow naturally longer and voluminous. 100 ml Dabur almond hair oil can be applied to bring back the hair shine. One can oil hair one hour before hair wash or leave oil overnight.

Nonstick & smooth, the Dabur Almond Oil is provided in 100ml bottle with 25% extra oil. It is composed of various ingredients such as almond oil 23%, almond protein ester, sunagadhit dhravya, vitamin E, avo benzone, anti oxidant - Tbhq, acetate as well as also has 74 % mineral oil & vegetable oil. This oil provides long, strong and dandruff free hairs.

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